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– Architecture and setup (concept & development)

Our more than decennial experience in the technical definition of a project in the automotive sector, ensures in depth skills over all the subgroups of the vehicle and the interation between them, over technical regulations and constraints/targets.An overall prespective is sstrictly necessary in these first development phases. We work on mechanics, aerodynamics, kinematics, reliability, nvh and comfort to ensure the higest standards for your idea.

– Layout design and mechanical parts

We provide to your needs, designers with multiple experiences in mechanical components and very good knowledge about basic productive technologies, high skills in 3d cad modelling and 2d implementation. We work on costumer’s specific inputs or generic requests in order to define braking, cooling, suspension/steering systems and various supports (brackets, trastles etc.). We use the most modern cad systems such as catia (v5-v6), unigraphics, creo.

– Rideable or static prototype vehicles

We support your workshop or your prototypes department with technicians able to manage and coordinate constuction works and setting up static and dynamic prototype vehicles (design verifications, dummies, demonstrators and maquettes). We are the answer to your need of link between workshop and technical office.

– Digital mock up analysis and anomalies monitoring

Perfection and success pass through the activity of analysis of integration between components and mounting/unmounting process by proposing, accoring to possible encountered problems, effective and decisive design solutions. Through careful and specific activities of anomalies monitoring, you will be able, together with our analysts and your team, to discuss about possible solutions to menage any event.

– Passive safety

Hta proposes to you specialists capable of performing passive and active safety studies, design and creation of sleights for impacts, support and menagement of vehicles dedicated to impact tests according to the most stringent european and international safety technical regulations.

– Rapid prototyping

We menage your rapid prototyping installed base, offering you the best in time/costs optimisation, request managing and suppliers for any non-farming activities.

– Vehicle weights monitoring and menagements

To quote the motto of one of the biggest engineer and driver of modern times:”to go faster, add lightness” we believes that the respect and the minimisation of the weights are two of the essential elements for a winning project. Within our staff we have resources that can specifically dedicated to weights menagement and monitoring, including detailed weighting activities.

– Reliability and durability

Specialised technicians and engineers at your service for planning reliability and durability tests of your product, timing supervision, phases and accumulation of km (trip mapping, costs calculation) aimed to product deliberation. Test menagement (planning and support) and daily workshop activities (in-vehicle checks and updating test components replacement planning). Collection and processing of data resulting from tests and workshop checks, followed by first level diagnosys in cooperation with your ctos. Periodic reporting and specific debug activity. On site collaborations on customer’s premises and/or national and foreigns proving grounds.

– Vehicle development and testing

We provide expert and passionate staff (machine engineering, vehicle technicians) capable to assist you trough the active development phases (on road and on track) of your project: coordination and planning of testing and deliberation activities on prototypes and pre series vehicles, development and setup, planning and coordination of activities and workshop staff.

– Racing

All the support provided on the road is even offered in motorsport context: our experience on f1 cars and competition prototypes range from the mechanical and layout design to avanced modelling of aerodynamic surfaces (catia v5).

– Bill of materials (as400 and vpm):
Inependently of the difficulty, your project, in order to be launched in production, needs to be organised with a technical bill of materials. We have the skills to create and menage complete bill of materials with the help of the main sw: ms excel, as400, vpm, enovia, windchill, etc.

– Cad support and help desk counseling specialists:
Hta’s offer includes services in hw and sw solution’s validation context, application support and menagement applied to the project. We organise the entire helpdesk cad/pdm support, we certify hw and sw cad environments; we follow the implementation of plm in cad environment. We complete the ict offer with administration, analysis and implementation of design methods and data managing, macro and applications development in catia v5 environment and supporting your engineers team and your company through all the product development phases in the best way possible.

– Purveyors:
The project is also followed in the industrialisation part, providing in support high skilled people in the supply field.

– Hybrid systems design and technical counseling on full electric projects: the emersion of hybrid and electric technologies in the automotive industry, allowed us to express ourselves even in this technical area by directly participating in prestigious project of high performance vehicles. Making use of our know-how we can develop hybrid or full electric solutions from scratch or implementing third part systems on all kind of vehicle.
We study electric motors applied to traditional engines, inverters, batteries, kers systems and their applications.

-Style study and research: in the land of motors, the essence of the made in italy cannot miss: the style. Young and successful designers will develop your project, car-motorbyke-innovative project, the best stylistic solutions, provide grace and armony to your refined mechanics or simply drawing on peaper the beauty of your ideas. We are at customer’s complete disposal to elaborate any type of project, working with the most prestigious ws of 3d rendering.

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