About Us

From idea to reality … hta – high tech associates s.R.L. Was born in 2002, as a company specialised in the automotive engineering sector. Has grow exponentially through the years participating in important and prestigious projects in different branches of automotive industry.

The dedication and the commitment involved let it to create partnership with some important automotive companies in the heart of italian motorvalley.

One of our strong points is our flexibility: our staff can operate directly on the customer’s premises, that allow us to maintain an optimal ratio between quality of the work done and project’s costs in order to satisfying every request in the best way possible.

The variety of the skills acquired by every single member of our staff allow us to menage in the best way work groups which range all over the project development iter, integrating at its best with your team’s structure.



Not only 4 but also 2 wheels… and 2 strokes! Hta is happy to announce its collaboration with the prestigious factory vins, one and only 2 strokes crafted sport motorbikes factory completely made in italy and motorvalley.



Hta believes that innovation goes through communication. The project wants to create an application that allow to facilitate professional and private meetings between three or more people in an innovative and intuitive manner.


We believe that the professional development of our team goes through an appropriate job training. Hta promotes professional workshops in all the area of interests: lenguage courses, laminating composite materials techniques, professional devices and everything that could increase the company well being.


Charity: every year we devolve at least 1% of the revenue in solidarity and charity initiatives. We help people in less fortunate circumstances to face many daily adversities, such as manage degenerative diseases or difficult living conditions, providing financial contribution to “associazione parkinson carpi” and to “istituto suore san giuseppe di torino” with which we dug a well to bring potable water and a school canteen for some communities of central africa.