Reverse Engineering

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FROM THE REAL TO THE VIRTUAL In the modern era, transitioning from a 3D design to a finished product is a relatively common and simple procedure. However, the measuring, copying and re-processing required to transition from a physical object to a 3D model are problematic without the use of sophisticated instruments. Laser scanners and software of the latest generation allow us to transfer physical objects into virtual space for the purpose of checking, re-engineering and modification.
MEASUREMENT OF 3D ELEMENTS AND CAD MATHEMATICAL MODELLING Physical-digital conversion via FARO 3D laser scanner and POLYWORKS software. A robotic arm makes it possible to measure any geometrical form and convert it into a cloud of digital points with which to recreate surfaces and solids to be used to re-create objects for which no records are held, and copy or improve them.
DIMENSIONAL CHECKS 3D scanners can be used to perform dimensional checks with precision in the order of hundredths of a millimetre. This technique can be used for general quality control and measurement of complex surfaces to be aligned and compared with a CAD mathematical model.
METROLOGY LAB A dedicated area for measuring and reading parts, with an 800x1200mm granite reference surface.