Sheet Metal Transformation

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MORE THAN JUST SHEET METAL Sheet metals are the basic materials of the cold working chain. We go the extra mile, covering the widest range of requirements in the metals sector: starting from sheet or tube we can deliver your cold formed, assembled/welded product finished in compliance with your specifications and needs.
SHEET METAL CUTTING AND BENDING We design and/or build semi-finished products starting from various sheet metal gauges and types and proceeding in accordance with the client's drawings and specifications.
WELDING AREA Digital MIG/MAG - TIG welding power sources make it possible to create any metal fabrication: fastening elements, trellis structures, frames and subframes, mock-ups. The presence of a 2400x1200mm calibrated surface plate and dedicated suction system with adjustable boom complete the area dedicated to this type of work process.
SANDBLASTING Sandblasting is the best option when metals are to be cleaned or prepared. Our sandblaster has a 1180x850x890mm blast chamber with 6-8 bar working pressure and can operate with a range of different abrasive media grades.