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FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY. Armed with wide-ranging experience in the automotive sector, a team of technicians and design engineers will accompany and support you from the concept phase, throughout prototyping, testing and validation, right up to the production launch.
ARCHITECTURE AND SET-UP (CONCEPT AND PREDEVELOPMENT) More than a decade of experience in the technical definition of automotive design projects has given us in-depth knowledge of vehicle sub-assemblies and their interactions, of the legislative framework, and of constraints / targets. To be able to rely on a systemic view is crucial in these early stages of the development process. We work on mechanical systems, aerodynamics, kinematics, habitability and comfort to ensure your concept is expressed to perfection.
DESIGNING LAYOUTS AND MECHANICAL COMPONENTS We place designers at your disposal with solid experience in mechanical components, an optimal understanding of basic technologies, and advanced 3D CAD modelling and 2D drawing generation skills. We work on specific client inputs or based on generic requests in designing braking systems, cooling systems, suspension / steering gear, and supports of all types (brackets, trellis frames, etc.). We use the very latest CAD systems, specifically CATIA V5-V6 and UNIGRAPHICS.
DEMO OR WORKING VEHICLE PROTOTYPES We support your workshop or test department with technicians capable of organising and coordinating the work of building and setting up dynamic and static prototypes (project checks, dummies, demonstrators and scale models). We are the answer to your need for a reliable connection between workshop and engineering department.
DIGITAL MOCK-UP ANALYSIS (DMU) AND ANOMALIES MONITORING Perfection and success also call for analysis of the integration between components and of assembly/removal procedures, with definitive and effective solutions proposed for any problems that may emerge. Thanks to painstaking anomaly monitoring activities, our analysts can interact with your team to discuss and resolve any type of problem and requirement.
PASSIVE SAFETY HTA provides you with specialists capable of conducting active and passive safety tests, designing and building impact sled, supporting and managing dedicated impact test vehicles in compliance with the most stringent European and international safety regulations
VEHICLE WEIGHTS MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT PROCESS In line with the mantra of one of the greatest car designers and racing drivers of modern times “to go faster, add lightness”, we believe that paying attention to and minimising weights are two key aspects of any successful project. Our staff includes personnel who can be assigned specifically to weight management and monitoring procedures, including weighing activities with various levels of detail.
VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING We provide dedicated, expert professionals (auto engineers, vehicle technicians) to assist you throughout the dynamic development stages (track and road) of your project: coordination and planning of testing activities / approval of prototypes and pre-series vehicles, development and debugging, planning and coordination of activities and workshop personnel.
RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY Specialised technicians and engineers at your service to plan durability and reliability tests for your project, supervision of times, phases and cumulative mileage (distances to travel, cost calculations) aimed at reaching the production go-ahead stage. Management of tests (planning and support) and routine workshop activities (checks on cars and replacement planning of components under test). Collection and processing of data from tests and workshop checks followed by first-tier diagnostic activities in cooperation with the various technical managers. Drafting of periodic reports and specific debugging activities. Assistance on client sites and/or on various proving grounds in Italy and abroad.
RACING All our road support services are offered also to the racing sector: our experience on F1 cars and competition prototypes ranges from mechanical design of components and layouts to advanced aerodynamic surface modelling (Catia V5).