3D Printing

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ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY The increasing use of additive manufacturing technology, commonly referred to as 3D printing, is revolutionising the manufacturing industry. Metals and polymers distributed “where needed and when needed” for the creation of unique parts in very short times. When time to market plays a decisive role, 3D printing is the solution!
FUSED DEPOSITION MODELLING – FDM We have an extensive range of rigid and flexible filaments for the maximum versatility in terms of properties and colours. The innovative option of direct overmoulding of a hard polymer on a soft / multi-material substrate in a single process provides a free rein for all types of technical and aesthetic experimentation.
SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING – SLS / MULTI JET FUSION – MJF If durability and extreme functional geometries are key elements of your projects or small series, these are the best technologies to achieve exceptional results. Fusion of polymer powders (PA or TPU) by means of a laser (SLS) or light curing chemical reagents (MJF) can be employed to create objects with special properties in very short times.
STEREOLITHOGRAPHY – SLA The stereolithography process involves the use of photopolymers to create highly detailed parts with perfect surfaces: useful for style decisions or functional purposes such as silicone master moulds. Various light absorption degrees are available: clear, translucent, opaque.
LARGE FORMAT 3D PRINTING If you're looking for large sizes and short times, we can help with the creation of parts... with extreme characteristics. The 1400x1100x1800mm volume allows 1:1 scale reproduction of mock-ups, portions of cars and just about anything the imagination can devise.
DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING – DMLS More than just polymers. Layer upon layer of atomised metal powders (aluminium, steel, titanium and Inconel alloys) are sintered in order to create extremely strong and functional components. This technology allows the integration of two or more functions with particularly complex geometries that are hard to create using conventional technologies. The perfect union between function – weight/space optimisation – mechanical strength and thermal resistance.